Conditions of Shipment

The products are sent in the moment in which confirmation of the payment happens. The time mode and the formalities of consignment can vary according to the ability of the order (greatness and geographical distance). It is important to underline that if the order will be received within 14:00 p.m. will be sent the same day. After the hours 14:00 p.m. will be sent the following day. Obviously always to confirmation of payment. In case of strong necessity and urgency to send the orderly product, you are begged to contact, in rapid times the firm: to call to the 081 224 52 99 or to send a mail to the address, with the purpose to satisfy your urgencies.
The shipping and handling include the burdens of management and packing and the postal expenses. The costs of transport are elaborated according to precise formalities; always keeping in mind of the variations and the different formalities of the order (as above quoted). Our products introduce a packaging with suitable dimensions and able to furnish your articles of the correct protection. It is our hurry to underline how much it follows: from the moment the product will be taken on consignment by the fowarder and leaves our stockhouse, ten our responsibility. Nevertheless if by chance it verifies some damages to the boxes, or worse to the product, during the transport we beg you to contact us, to expose the matter, trying to find a conciliatory solution where is possible.